#kindofblue #hipsdontlie

#kindofblue #hipsdontlie

#kindofblue #hipsdontlie

#kindofblue #hipsdontlie


caterpillars have the ideal life. they eat a lot and then sleep for a while and wake up beautiful.

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Looking fierce may not transform systems that actively work against my body, but it has and continues to help me reconfigure space through self-definition. Moreover, it empowers me to unapologetically take up (and reconfigure) more space.
A Black Crip’s Perspective on Fashion and Embodied Resistance By Eddie Ndopu (via anire)
It’s not good enough for you to tell me that you “don’t judge by appearances” — so fat doesn’t bother you. Ignoring our bodies and “judging only by what’s on the inside” is not the answer. This seems to be along the same line of thinking as that brilliant school of thought called “humanism”: “We are all just people, so let’s ignore trivialities such as race, class, gender, sexual preference, body type and so on.” Bullshit! The more we ignore these aspects of ourselves, the more shameful they become and the more we are expected to be what is generally implied when these qualifiers are not given — white, straight, rich, thin, male. It’s unrealistic to try to overlook these exterior (and therefore meaningless, right?) differences, because we are still being brainwashed with the same shit as everyone else. This way we’re just not talking about it. And I don’t want to be told, “Yes, you’re fat, but you’re beautiful on the inside.” That’s just another way of telling me that I’m ugly, that there’s no way that I’m beautiful on the outside. Fat does not equal ugly, don’t give me that. My body is me. I want you to see my body, acknowledge my body. True revolution comes not when we learn to ignore our fat and pretend we’re no different, but when we learn to use it to our advantage, when we learn to deconstruct all the myths.
Nomy Lamm, It’s A Big Fat Revolution (via beelzebub420)

Met Nomy Lamm and saw her perform twice this weekend. She is wonderful.

I find that the places where we experience the most isolation are also where we are most connected to other people – we all have that experience of aloneness.
Nomy Lamm (via nailthatsticksup)


CeCe McDonald: ‘Prisons Don’t Keep Us Safe’

CeCe McDonald, a trans, Black woman, who spent 41 months in prison for defending herself against an attacker, recently sat down to talk about safety. She was in conversation with legal scholar Dean Spade and organizer Reina Gossett shortly after she was released from prison, and a clip of that conversation was just released on Vimeo. 

The three will continue the conversation on April 21 at Barnard College. You can register here

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Aw fuck it, I’mma say it.


White feminists need to understand that not all men are sexualized in a way that wholly benefits them. That is something exclusive to white men point blank period.

Because MOC are sexualized in ways that remove their agency and their humanity, and most times this is perpetrated by both white women and white men.

So when you’re talking about the sexualization of men giving men power, you need to be specific about which group of men you’re talking about.

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